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Personal Training By Kate

Nationally Certified Personal Trainer:

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health & Fitness Professional
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer
  • Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Cardio Kickbox Instructor
  • Resist-A-Ball Advanced Instructor
  • Spine Recovery Institute Spine Recovery Specialist
  • Silver Sneakers Muscular Strength & Range of Motion Instructor for Seniors

Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Science (1998):

  • (4.0 GPA, highest honors, perfect attendance record)
  • Studies included nutrition, anatomy, kinesiology, medical rehab., senior, youth, & sport specific training

Continuing Education in:

Pre & post natal training, anatomy, postural assessment & correction, core assessment, function & training, sports nutrition, physical therapy rehabilitation, seniors training, stretching & flexibility

Personal Achievements:

  • Nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder – lightweight to light heavyweight
  • Competition History: Check out my Competition History
  • With 15 trophies, never placed out of the top 5 regionally
  • Aspiration – to place in Top 5 nationally & to attain pro status

Work History includes:

Exercise Science Instructor at community college for required course for fire science & criminal justice students – lecture, fitness testing & programming for all students

Personal Trainer/ Cardio Kickbox Instructor at various clubs including:

Bally’s (AZ), YMCA (AZ), Naturally Women (AZ), East Coast Fitness (AZ), Gold’s Gym (NM), Westside Women’s Wellness (NM), Defined Fitness (NM) & now, individually owned, Kate’s House of Fitness (AZ)

Personal Statement:

As a personal trainer I wish to educate & motivate my clients to seek & attain their personal goals through safe & enjoyable exercise. I want to push my clients past previous limits to achieve results never before realized, without injury. Be it decrease in pain & increase in range of motion, loss of bodyfat, increase in strength and muscle mass, preparation for or development in sport or competition, maintenance of general fitness & health, I understand and appreciate the individual’s goals and the fact that they may change with time, age, health and other factors. I enjoy working with people of all different fitness levels and being challenged to create the most effective workout program to fit their personal needs and lifestyle.

Some of my favorite comments from satisfied clients are:

  • “I never saw the results in 6 years with a trainer that I’ve seen with you in a matter of months”
  • “I no longer feel the pain I used to suffer from 24-7”
  • “I can now participate in my favorite sport without pain in my shoulders & back”
  • “I have never had such good posture!”
  • “I just broke the high jump record in my school”
  • “Is this my triceps?! I’ve never had one before!”
  • “I’m no longer stuck in the house. I can garden & go out to play cards again”

Kate’s Personal Training Philosophy

As evidenced by these previous statements, although I compete in bodybuilding I feel my purpose as a personal trainer is to help each individual reach their personal potential & goal. I don’t tend to train anyone as I train myself. Most people are not at that level and do not share my pursuit. I prefer to work with beginners and the average individual trying to lose weight, be healthy & live a longer, fuller life. I do train various athletes and physique competitors and enjoy helping them achieve greater success at their chosen sport, however I get the biggest kick out of introducing “newbies” to the world of regular exercise and teaching them how to appreciate all of the benefits of exercise & healthy living; how to do it properly to avoid overstrain and relieve stiffness & loss of range of motion so they can have a fuller, more independent life.

My passion for exercise started before my participation in bodybuilding competition. I pursued my degree in exercise science because of my interest in human anatomy & movement (kinesiology). I have a keen eye for proper form and enjoy sharing my knowledge for proper form & function with each of my clients.